Innovation Cluster Accelerator Program

Building Tomorrow. Today.

From aerospace to IT, online shopping to coffee, Washington state innovations have a global impact. How can we support and grow more industries with the potential to change the world and become economic engines for our communities?

Washington state is leading a multi-year innovation cluster development program to help promising industry sectors assemble the ingredients they need to grow, such as access to capital, the latest research and support for entrepreneurs.

Commerce is supporting 9 industry-led innovation clusters in 2022 and expand the program over the coming decade.

  • Drive innovation
  • Overcome barriers
  • Access new market opportunities
  • Attract talent and capital

How We Support Clusters


$$$ to support cluster administration and operations




Three-phase cluster strategy and leadership development program


Dedicated cluster expert support.


Networking with global cluster leaders

Image courtesy of Washington State office of the Governor


Stephanie Scott, Program Director